The best way to explore Visual WebGui

Hands-on demonstration for developers
Live display of controls and concepts
Live display of the code behind controls

The ListView control displays a collection of items using one of 4 different default views and the flexibility to create other views.
The DataGridView control provides a powerful and flexible way to display data in a tabular format.
Learn how to use Theme/Skin Designer, integrate custom JavaScript and customize behavior of VWG controls

CompanionKit Features

Live Demo
Play with live code snippets and explore VWG
Understand VWG
Learn about each snippet and the available functionality
See the code
Explore the code behind VWG controls - in C# and VB.NET
Easily share
Share snippets with community, friends and co-workers
Change themes
Switch between themes and see how controls look and feel in various themes
Quick search
Find examples and application scenarios for available controls

Visual WebGui Benefits

Control Wrapper Wizard allows to incorporate available/3rd party ASP.NET controls into VWG while visual designers & jQuery integration provide customization freedom.
The new innovative balance between the browser and the server with the best user interface (UI) richness and interactivity only known on desktops until now.
VWG allows desktop-like responsiveness regardless of the data intensiveness, due to its optimized protocol.
VWG’s Empty Client paradigm (no logic is transferred to the client) makes VWG client extremely secured.
A wide range of out-of-the-box visual and non-visual User Interface (UI) server based controls.
VWG enables standard, multi-browsers and mobile devices accessibility with no client installation or specific browser adjustments.
Flexible scalability options from session and IP stickiness to no-stickiness and from In-Process state management to an application server and a state server.